Fall Down Every Staircase or Slam Hand in Every Door?

Would you rather...
Fall down every staircase you encountered
Or slam your hand in every door you encountered
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Have Your Life Narrated by...

Have your life narrated by Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones?
Morgan Freeman
James Earl Jones
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Your Dream Job

Would you rather work...
Your dream job for no pay, and live off of welfare
Sit in a completely empty white room from 8-5, Mon-Fri, for $5 million a year
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Would You Rather Smell...

Would you rather smell...
A fart all day, every day, that no one else could smell
Have everyone think you smell like a fart, but you don't smell it
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Wipe with Sandpaper or Saran Wrap?

Would you rather wipe with sand paper or saran wrap?
Sand paper
Saran wrap
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What is the best holiday?

The Best Holiday?
4th of July
St. Patricks Day
New Years
Valentines Day
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Would You Resort to Cannibalism?

In the face of death, would you resort to cannibalism?

Already Have
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